JN Machinery Branding & Website Development

Located in East Dundee, Illinois, JN Machinery is a manufacturer of industrial conveyor ovens. JN’s electric conveyor ovens are used for heat treatment and stress relieving springs, especially for heat treating stainless steel and carbon steel wire. Another use is with JN’s TRC paint system.
Yolk Byte created a new branding system along with an entirely new website, which included, logo development, typography, icon development and product photography. Later on, Yolk Byte also created branding for JN’s new division called Aqua TRC, which works directly with JN’s main product line.
Role: Art Direction, Website Design & Development, Branding, Logo & Icon Development, Digital Imaging & Product Photography.



JN Machinery’s old website had not been updated for a while, and it showed its age. Yolk Byte Design created a brand new custom WordPress website with the latest mobile optimized technology. 

Logo Design & Branding

Yolk Byte executed a complete rebranding system for JN Machinery’s parent brand and main product line. Later, Yolk Byte created a sub-brand for Aqua TRC Systems. JN’s main product line consists of electrical conveyor ovens that are used for heat treating metal springs, and the parent brand expresses that with a simple logo that are ideal for any medium, from digital to print. Aqua TRC is a water based polymer that is used for various metal coating applications. The new logo reflects the product’s water-based chemistry with a droplet enclosing its hexagonal chemical structure that allows the paint to permanently attach itself to the metal.

Before & After

Sub-Branding Development

Yolk Byte created a sub-brand for JN’s second product line that works with JN ovens, Aqua TRC. Both TRC and FTS Systems are paint products that work in conjunction with JN and Aqua TRC Systems.

FTS Logo

FTS is a paint system that’s used for metal coating.

TRC Logo

TRC is a paint system that’s used for tempering, rustproofing, and color coating.

JN Custom Oven Logo

JN Machinery makes custom ovens in addition to their existing product line.

Product Photography

JN Machinery’s wide array of products were never fully catalogued. Yolk Byte Design created a brand new product photography, by properly identifying and attractively staging the ovens for both digital and print mediums.